Jumping from one local band to the other, Jeff and Giorgio meet in Den Haag in 2017. Looking with respect at the jazz and blues city vibes but tired of stone-rock lame and raw riffs of the surrounding scene, Flight Of The Yellow Fox creates a hard rock kicking sound powered with fine technique and hammering beat. Combining minimalistic sound and vibrant riffs is part of FOTYF essence. Check their music in the Listen section!

Jeff was very early raised with grunge and punk and was fed with heavy rock riffs. Before starting to riff, sing and shout, Jeff was the solo guitarist in several bands, and played different styles with his late friend Fred Lamy and solo American artist Kathleen Farris. Meeting Gio', who hammers his drumkit like a carpenter, was for Jeff decisive to start writing songs and to craft them with the boy from Roma. Gio' has a strong punk, post-grunge and indie rock background, laying in several cover bands. He loves fusion among music styles and believes that art shapes human lives. The talented HPI, one of Jeff's friend, later performed on the album to add some bass riffs. And then you have it, Flight Of The Yellow Fox first album came out the 12 April 2019! A few months after, a bass player gets in touch with the band. He is Dennis, heavily influenced by 70s heavy blues rock, inspired by tight bass lines from the 80s and guitar heroes from the early 90s. The three of us share a passion for alternative rock music. So here we are, ready to ROCK!